Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hi All,
I just realized this site is still up and I haven't used it in a bazillion years--mainly because I'm blogging over on my web site now: . I'm still writing, and teaching, and doing school visits (See my posts about my Author visits in Brazil!) and I have a few manuscripts on editors' desks, so come on over and catch up!


Monday, May 23, 2011

It's a Surprise TwitterParty!

Anne Mazer & Erin Dealey invite you to a Surprise Twitter Graduation Party for Riley! (Shhhh!)

Join us in celebrating Riley C's graduation from high school. (***Not mentioning her full name for fear a Google alert will spoil the surprise!)

This wonderful young woman has grown up before our eyes here on Twitter. Help us celebrate her success and blast her with good wishes for her future!

Important: We request that all who participate do this with the utmost respect for our graduate. We are purposely avoiding all personal details of her graduation/college choice in respect to her privacy. She knows nothing about this surprise or the suggestions below.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 1st (She is already done with school so we picked our own date.)


Before June 1st: Share the DM message we sent to you to anyone you think might want to participate. (Please DM only!)

On June 1st: Send our graduate your Best Wishes using one or more of these hashtags: #CongratsRiley or #Classof2011Riley or #HappyGraduationRiley

Further Options for June 1st (Please do not do these ahead of time!)

Bloggers: Write your grad wishes on your blog, and Tweet with above hashtag(s). Topic suggestions:

*a mock Valedictory address in her honor

* Literacy and Our Graduate

* Book reviews about graduation or literacy

* Your own (positive, inspirational preferred) grad memories

Don't have a blog? Add any of the above as a comment on this blog and we will pass them on.

Donate to a Literacy nonprofit of your choice.-- As you know, Riley C has worked hard to promote literacy, including a nonprofit she started in 2007 : Now run by RC and her brother, the goal of this program is to "help end the cycle of poverty by providing education opportunities" in the US. Please visit her web site and follow the links to her literacy program.

OR...other sites include: Reading is Fundamental (RIF) is the nation's largest nonprofit children's literacy organization, serving 3.5 million children annually at 17,000 locations. In recent years, RIF's volunteer corps has grown nearly 10 percent, to 240,000. RIF involves children in reading-related activities, encourages families to participate in their children's education, and enables children to select free books. Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), a division of the American Library Association, serves children from birth to age 14 and their families and caregivers. First Book's primary objective is to distribute books to children participating in community-based tutoring, mentoring, child development and family literacy settings. First Book also works with national literacy partners such as America Reads to provide new books to children most in need. The International Reading Association is an organization whose members include classroom teachers, administrators, parents, reading specialists, psychologists and students. The Association has more than 90,000 members in 99 countries, and the group issues more than 100 print and non-print publications. The association's professional journals include The Reading Teacher, Reading Research Quarterly, and Reading Online, an electronic literacy journal.

If you would like to receive a reminder email of this on JUNE 1st, send a quick email to (Subject: Riley's Surprise) or DM your email address on Twitter to @erindealey.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy SEA Launch, Heidi Kling!

How do you top off a wonderful weekend that started with a Giant's win over the A's, a Saturday am  5K race in SF (I was the team photographer/ cheerleader, thank you very much),  our college kid's b'day lunch celebration (Happy 20th G !), and a 1-1 World Cup US vs. England tie? ( USA! USA!)

Our next stop was the launch of amazing debut YA author Heid R. Kling 's SEA (Putnam/ Penguin Young Readers 2010) at Books, Inc. in Palo Alto, where we ran into a mutual pal Christa, who flew down from Portland for the occasion! SEA hit the shelves on June 10th and look who else turned out for the launch party--

More children's authors and SEA fans, like Linda Joy Singleton (one of my crit group pals) and Cynthia Omololu , plus Heidi's entire writing group--including Debbie Duncan and  Cynthia Chin-Lee .

Also in the house--of course, was hostess-with-the-mostess Jennifer Laughran aka @literaticat and Not Your Mother's Book Club @NYMBC. I only wish I'd gotten a pic of their cool cup cakes--tiny orange Converse and sea creatures--and the Indonesian food!

When my YA launches (thinking postively here--I am fully aware I need a contract first, OK?), I now know how to Par-tay. 

Congrats Heidi! The adventure begins!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just one YES--please!

Lucky you! From time to time, I'll be posting silly poems on this blog--mainly because they pop into my head and I have to get them out so I can sleep, or work on my WIP (mg revisions at present), or carry on seemingly adult conversations at graduations and such.

This poem is dedicated to all of you who are waiting for just one YES--from editors, agents, authors, illustrators, book sellers, Maureen Johnson (follow me on Twitter! @erindealey  Yes?) --and hey, what-the-heck--loved ones, producers, directors, #Glee,  Presidents, the New York Times, BP, Oprah...
Think Big!
Think YES!

My manuscript's out there
On an editor's desk
Somewhere deep in a pile of slush.       
(think Bastille--oui!)

My manuscript's out there.
I won't be a pest.
Take your time. I've got years. What's the rush?
(no big Deal-ey)

My manuscript's out there.
It just takes one YES,
and "No news is good news," they say.
(Is is really?)

But my manuscript's been there
so long, I confess:
I would kill (oops too strong?)
I would beg (no that's wrong)
Dang it, call me with good news TODAY!
(Erin Dealey)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You Judith Viorst!

If I were at BEA today, I would be in line at Table 15 to get Judith Viorst's autograph.
Events: Autograph Session, Wednesday, May 26, 2010 @ 11:00AM - 11:30AM

Lulu and the Brontosaurus A brand-new illustrated chapter book from two legends in the industry: 
Judith Viorst, Author
and Lane Smith, Illustrator
Published By: Simon & Schuster, Inc.

I'm envisioning myself there right now, even though it is 11:05am in California, and hopefully by 2:05pm in NY the line has wound down so that Ms.Viorst can go to lunch! (Odd how I can't call her Judith. I feel the same way about Beverly Cleary. Calling them Judith or Beverly would feel like calling the Bard Will.

Anyway, back at Table is my imagined, highly fictitious, #armchairBEA meeting with the amazing Ms. Viorst.
Erin: Viorst...
I'm a huge fan.

Ms. Viorst: Why thank you.

Erin:  (as she signs SUDDENLY SIXTY AND OTHER GOOD SHOCKS OF LATER LIFE..) My sister can quote your HOW DID I GET TO BE FORTY? and FOREVER FIFTY so that's for her. She is the one you wrote about in "The Blissful Couple."

Ms. Viorst: My latest, EXCEEDLINGLY EIGHTY AND OTHER ADAPTATIONS, will be out in October.

Erin: Yeah, but she'd kill me if I got her that one.

Erin: As a teacher I want to thank you for all the years I've used IF I WERE IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD.. as a writing prompt for kids. These are for you:
(Handing her a few student poems that 2nd graders wrote recently.)

Brock: "If I were in charge of the world, I would make everybody into an adult, and people wouldn't be mean to other people...

Eryiann: "If I were in charge of the world, we could read a lot..."

Andrea: "If I were in charge of the world, we could eat a lot of ice cream..."

anonymous: "If I were in charge of the world, all kids would have parents..."

Ms. Viorst: The world would be a better place, if they were in charge of the world.

Erin:  (as she starts to sign ALEXANDER WHO'S NOT (DO YOU HEAR ME? I MEAN IT! GOING TO MOVE) Sorry about the teeth-prints...I'm not sure if it was my daughter or our nephew who started teething on that one. 

Ms. Viorst: (about to sign ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY) Are these coffee stains?

Erin: Um...possibly...either that or wine...

Ms. Viorst: If your child has a terrible horrible no good very bad day, chances are you've had one too.

Erin: Yeah, moving to Australia has been a tempting concept from time to time in our family.

Ms. Viorst: (signing I'LL FIX ANTHONY, and noticing the line's growing agitation --at me for monopolizing Ms. Viorst's time...) Oh dear...

BEA: Excuse me, but Ms.Viorst needs to move on to the others waiting for autographs.

Ms. Viorst: (with "A reservoir of undiminished Z -- zeal --" ) No worries. (signing LULU) Good luck with your own writing, Erin.

Erin: How did you know I'm a writer?

Ms. Viorst: I'm following you on Twitter, my dear. @erindealey, right? And Facebook, and both blogs and gee, why don't I mentor you? You're fabulous!

Erin: Wow! Really? Are you serious?????

ArmchairBEA bouncer: NOT. This is your dream autograph, remember? Time to get back to your manuscript revisons. You know--the real world.

Erin: Right... : ) Thank you Ms. Viorst, for decades of reading enjoyment, from our entire family. It's been a wonderful, joyful, ArmchairBEA dream.

See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Social Media Confessions of an Everyday #Tweep

Today I pictured myself at BEA, listening to the panels on Social Media, and tweeting.  Yes, my name is @erindealey but I'm NOT a twitterholic. I'm a regular Tweep. (Just ask my 390 followers--woot!)

Because of Twitter, this Tweep has met librarians, teachers, fellow authors, book reviewers, agents, illustrators, editors, and book store owners--not to mention moms and dads who read to their kids--and book lovers around the world who can still tell a book from its Kindle. Where else would this have happened?

Facebook? It's not the same--although I am friends with Beverly Cleary now. #howcoolisthat?
My blog(s)? no. Up until now, I'd almost forgotten about this one. And my other blog at is devoted to sharing fun, use-them-tomorrow lesson plans for teachers and librarians, and photos and fan mail from school visits.

On Twitter, however, I've met the kind of amazing people you would meet at BEA; the ones you might sit next to at a conference, or go up to introduce yourself to after their workshop session--like Anne Mazer and Jane Friedman. And consider the power of social media when all of us can congregate at #ArmchairBEA without leaving home?

Writing is no longer a solitary existence.  Those days went out with typewriters. And the job description of an author--in case you haven't noticed--is no longer just: If you write it they will publish. I caught some chat today from BEA (on Twitter at least) about how Social Media is a time-sucking drudgery. I disagree. I think of it as one more way to keep my writing career moving forward, and not merely in a networking-sell-thyself sort of way.

Agent tweets about queries and acquisitions remind me that their days are crazier than mine, and oh yeah, gee, that my own agent has more than one client. (Happy Launch to LaChanze and Little Diva!  !)

Editor tweets with links to their blogs give me insight into the even crazier world of publishing houses as well as which manuscripts are best for whom--(Okay yes, my agent knows these things too but see #nottheonlyclient comment above. It doesn't hurt to do a bit of your own homework. )

Book Reviewers like let me know what books are out there, as do my pals on #Kidlitchat.

Authors and Librarians who retweet the above-mentioned links also save me mucho cyberspace time and many search engines so that I have time to WRITE.

And Tweeps are helpful folks! When I put up The Writer's Rap on youtube (  Hmmm...maybe tomorrow's post will be about hooks...), a lot of teachers couldn't access it at their schools. I asked one of my Twitter pals, librarian @mrschu81, who suggested  which most schools can access and voila'.

Okay yes, I do confess the following:
1. I sign on to Twitter before checking email.
2. I #usehashtags in regular emails, texts, and posts. #whatandyoudon't?
3. The only thing better than #Kidlitchat on Tuesday nights is #Glee.
     (thanks @gregpincus and @bonnieadamson )
4. I actually feel like @MaureenJohnson lives next door--and I wish her well on her BEA Keynote. (Will she stop in the middle and announce: "OK I'm going to answer three questions now." Please tweet @erindealey if she does! )

But after my morning tweets, I back away and work on my manuscripts. Manuscripts that will become books and hopefully Book Birthdays to celebrate on Twitter (Thanks to Twitter pal @mitaliperkins). And you know where that leads. : )

See you tomorrow!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I haven't used this site for eons (blame my friend who got me started on Twitter!) but my main blog is for school visits and lesson plans for teachers so I hereby vow to use this one for ArmchairBEA, and whatever writery ramblings follow after that.
So let's start with a huge thank you (and kudos) to ArmchairBEA blog team Michele , Florinda , Tif , the1stdaughter , and Emily for creating our virtual BEA conference!

Why do I wish I was there? Hellooo, it's in NY. The last time I was there was for SCBWI in February and although the temps were in the teens outside (brrrr!), the speakers and attendees were sizzling with great info and inspiration, as always. And if you're lucky, you meet cool people like the fabulously talented
watch-for-these-illustrators Jessica Gomez and Anastasia Starikova (photo left), and authors (below) Suzanne Dunlap (L) and Marsha Diane Arnold (R) at lunch. (The others are photo-credit shy.)
If I were at BEA, I know I'd look for one of my Twitter pals @HeidiRKling aka debut author Heidi Kling whose YA novel SEA
will be out on June 10th! (Go Heidi!)
And speaking of Twitter, look for the hashtag #ArmchairBEA to follow. (or check my retweets at @erindealey)
In the meantime, I'll get back to my mg revisions and send the pb manuscripts that evolved from NaPiBoWriWee (Thanks Paula Yoo! ) to my agent, as promised. See you at #ArmchairBEA!